Through my various stations such as classical tailor training in traditional craftsmanship as well as further training in serial production and industrial cutting as a pattern maker, through the attendance of the Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode(German Master School for Fashion) in Munich, where I passed my master tailor for ladies and gentlemen as well as my state-certified modelist degree, I have been able to acquire a well-founded, holistic education in the field of fashion production. 

In order to broaden my professional portfolio as well as my creative horizons, I decided to study at the renowned Weißensee School of Art in Berlin, which still pursues an interdisciplinary orientation in various fields of art, in keeping with the Bauhaus.

I identify myself as an artisan and try to create artistic experimental fashion. 
Always on the lookout for new inspirations and challenges.

  • craftsmaster in tailoring for men and womenswear

  • pattern maker

  • modellist

  • recently enrolled MA fashion design student 

  • since 2018 scholarship by 

“Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes”